Magpie Models has proudly produced model horses all the way from the late 80’s up to the current day. The company has prided itself on making realistic, hand painted models and matching accessories for ‘pocket money prices’ with all production in Great Britain.

Magpie Models has recently been reopened under new ownership! Please visit the following links to access the official Magpie Models website and purchase the most recent Personality models and Dream Pony custom kits!!/Personality-Collections/c/13079191/offset=0&sort=normal!/Dream-Pony-Kits/c/13079091

Very special thanks go to Emma Kelley, Jan Adams, Heather Forrest, Penny Eustace, Lauren Beveridge, Hazel Barter, Georgie, Vanessa Robertson, Christine Sutcliffe, Laura Bond and A. Pottrell for the kind contribution of their images and information.

If you are able to provide photos of your models, newsletters, catalogues, tack and accessories or have information to contribute we would love to hear from you. Please contact us here.