Image courtesy of Heather Forrest

Magpie produced hand painted riders for the Welsh, Arab and Hunter models. They were made from cast plastic and did not have moving limbs. Their hands were prone to breaking off and as a result most Magpie riders have seen the end of a superglue tube.

They wore a riding hat and cream coloured jodphurs with the Welsh rider wearing angle boots and the Arab and Hunter models wearing long boots. They were available to buy from the catalogue in green, black, brown and blue riding jackets. Riders with red jackets were later available to newsletter subscribers.


Brown Arab rider

Casual riders were introduced as a newsletter special and were eventually added to the catalogue in gymkhana packs. They were made to fit the Welsh model but were quite difficult to fit squarely on with a saddle and numnah underneath them and are a better fit bareback. They also fit the later produced Shetland model.

These casual riders were available in a variety of colours, green, red, blue and yellow wearing both jeans and cream coloured jodphurs. A purple rider was also made as a newsletter special.