Magpie Models produced a fantastic array of tack items for their models, which were realistic representations and were able to be kept at low prices. Bridles were available in Welsh, Arab and Hunter sizes. The Arab and Hunter bridles had a twisted wire bit and rings, with the Welsh model having only rings as the model itself had a closed mouth. Plain black leather bridles were available for all three models, with ‘Show Jumping’ bridles which had a tan or white browband with running martingale attached were additionally available from the catalogue for the Arab and Hunter models. Welsh bridles with yellow, red, green and blue browbands were later made and included as part of the gymkhana packs.

Templates used for rugs – image courtesy of Heather Forrest

Saddles were also available in Welsh, Arab and Hunter sizes. They were made of the same black leather as the bridles and were realistically made with tiny stirrups. A Welsh saddle with a crupper was made for the Gymkhana packs. Numnahs were available in coloured felt and checkered material. Red, brown, blue and green were available in the catalogue. Saddle clothes were made out of the same checkered material for the Welsh gymkhana packs in matching yellow, red, blue and green colours. Show jumping saddle cloths were also available or hunter and arab models to match the show jumping bridle and were white with a red stripe across one corner.

Fjord in Gymkhana tack

Headcollars with leadropes were available for all models in green, red, black and blue and were made of coloured leather with matching cotton for the leadrope. Boots were available for all models in black in the catalogue, made from leather with velcro fastenings.

A variety of rugs were made, including day rug, summer sheet, New Zealand rug and a quilted stable rug. The day rug was made of felt, with a felt surcingle and came in green, blue, red, black and brown with contrasting binding. The summer sheet was made from the same checkered fabric

Desert Storm in Show Jumping tack

that the numnahs were made from, and were bound in a matching coloured cotton fabric. The New Zealand rug was made from aqua and white acrylic fabric to give a stiffer, heavier feel and was available for only the Arab and Hunter models.

Purple rugs, headcollar, numnah and rider were later made available in the main catalogue due to their popularity with newsletter subscribers.

More accessories were made exclusively for newsletter subscribers, such as self-adhesive bandages, a purple tack set, sweat rugs and a tack set made specifically for the Shetland models which included a rug, numnah, tan saddle pad, bridle with sharkstooth browband and a gymkhana rider which fitted the Shetland model well.