Main moulds – 1992 catalogue

Magpie models made six moulds over the years they were in production, the Hunter, the Arab, the Welsh, theĀ Foal, the Shetland and the Donkey.

They were made of hard, hollow plastic, which allowed the company to keep the models at ‘pocket money’ prices.

The manes and tails were acrylic and were intended to be cut as desired.

The Hunter Mould

The Hunter mould was made all the way through Magpie’s production years and is the largest of the moulds, standing at 15.5cm high at the ears. The mould has the impression of a ‘coat’ (hair).

It is probably the least realistic of the main moulds, with the Welsh and Arab moulds being more detailed and in proportion. Still, who can resist a nice solid hunter.

The Arab Mould

The Arab mould was also made all the way through Magpie’s production years and is the second largest mould, standing at 14.5cm high at the ears.

The model is well proportioned and has detailed tendons and muscles on the legs and a nicely detailed face. This mould stands solidly and is easy to display as a result. Probably the most popular of the moulds.

The Welsh Mould

The Welsh mould became available during ’90/’91 and is smaller than both the Hunter and Arab moulds, standing at 11.5cm high at the ears. The mould is well proportioned and has detailed tendons an muscles in the legs as with the arab.

The mould was made in a trotting position and rests on three legs, with the off fore slightly above ground level. This makes it a little unstable and prone to tipping if not on a flat stable surface. Despite this, it is a popular mould.

The Foal Mould

Dotty, appaloosa foal, 1991 newsletter special

The Foal mould stands at 6.5cm high at the ears and is a suitable size to stand realistically with either the arab or welsh models as the dam/sire.

The face is a little clumsy, but the long spindly legs and impression of a coat (hair) on the mould make for a sweet little model.

It is the perfect size to stand with both the Welsh and Arab moulds.

The Shetland Mould

Goldilocks, palomino Shetland, 1996 newsletter special

The Shetland Mould was only available through the Magpie Newsletter and did not make it into the main catalogue or ‘Persie’ collections. It was first available a ’93 newsletter. It was also sold as a blank mould to be customised. the gymkhana Welsh riders fit this smaller model well and a special tack set to fit was available to purchase in the newsletters. It stands 8cm at the ears,

It was not particularly detailed or realistic but its short stocky stature made it an appealing model.

The Donkey Mould

The Donkey mould was first introduced in the Spring ’92 Magpie Newsletter and on its success was later added to the fourth Personality collection as models ‘Charlie Brown’ and ‘Smoky Joe’ and also to subsequent collections.

Its mane and tail were curly and short with the shell being painted and shaded. It stands 1ocm at the ears. It was intended as a companion for the ponies and therefore no riders or tack were available for it.