One-off models

Dapple grey foal

This one-off foal was painted by Emma Kelley in the 1990’s. He suits both Desert Storm (dapple grey Arab) and Misty (dapple grey Welsh) perfectly. So much detail on such a teeny tiny model! Possibly a prototype for a newsletter special that didn’t make it into production.



Grey/brown donkey

This one-off grey/brown donkey was painted by Emma Kelley in the 1990’s. His legs, tummy, muzzle and head are white, which contrasts nicely against the rich brown/grey of his body. He has been haired with chestnut coloured fleece, which has worn a little sparse on the tail.


1994 pre-production Pony Club pack

Prior to selling the business, Emma Kelley had intended to launch a range of packs called The Pony Club pack.

One pack was to include a dark bay welsh named Rolo, and the other a bay roan called Smartie. Both sets were to include a rider with pony club tie, badge and helmet harness, plus a matching sharks-tooth browband and saddle pad. Such dainty, painstaking work as the photos show!

The business was sold prior to the Pony Club pack making it to production. These is the only pre-production Rolo and Smartie models, and rider/tack set.

Live show raffle donation model

A one-off cream dun Welsh was donated to a live show for their raffle. His body was the same coloured plastic as the pale palomino regular runs, with the addition of black mane and tail, and black shading.