Personality Models

Persie Collection 1 – 1991

Personality, or ‘Persie’ models as they are also known, are a small collection of between 4 to 7 models released once a year that are more detailed.

They have mixed colour manes and tails, painted bodies, extra shading and markings such as dapples, paints and appaloosas, and are produced in limited quantities.

They were first made available to newsletter subscribers and then printed in the catalogue for all to purchase.

There were 8 collections between the years of ’91 and ’98. Collections 1 to 5 were produced by Emma Kelley, and collections 6 to 8 were produced by Sarah Mylne. Heather Forrest has continued this tradition and will continue to make ‘Persie’ collections, the first having been launched under her management in October 2017.