Regular runs

Regular Runs were models that were produced and available to buy year round and were featured in every catalogue. They came in chestnut, dun, black, light grey, palomino, bay and until 1992, dark grey. They were produced in the hunter, arab, welsh and foal moulds.

These models were made of coloured hollow hard plastic and had shaded faces and legs. The light grey sometimes had flecks on its body. The manes and tails were one colour only. They were given an assortment of white markings such as stars. snips, stripes and blazes on their faces and coronets, socks and stockings on their legs.

There are colour variations between batches depending on the colour of the beads melted for the plastic which changed over time, and also variations on the finish with some being matte, some shiny and some having a shell-like pattern on them.